How to Get a Girl to Kiss Your Nude

Female nudity has captivated artists of every age. From the sacred and religious to the libertine of the 18th century, the female body has inspired painters’ imaginations in thousands of different ways. Instead of wasting your life looking at girls’ nudes, focus on genuinely building up your relationship with her. Then, when the time is… Continue reading How to Get a Girl to Kiss Your Nude

Nude Live – Big Breasted Black Women With Big Breasts

Nude live is one of the biggest trends in streaming. Its grotesque approximations of human bodies fascinate and repel. Atlanta’s Out of Hand Theatre and New York’s Quinnopolis, NY both recently performed such pieces. While Twitch’s community guidelines have shifted, it is still legal to live topless in public. But one streamer forgot to turn… Continue reading Nude Live – Big Breasted Black Women With Big Breasts

XCams Review

XCams is an adult cam site that has a massive amount of performers on HD quality feeds. They offer a free membership with the ability to add tokens for pay per minute private shows. Most models have group shows where other users can spy on their show or they have exclusive private shows that are… Continue reading XCams Review

A Girl’s Puss Is A Girl’s Puss

IT is a term that describes computer systems, software, hardware and networks. It also includes the professional management of these systems. Organizations with an IT department are called Information Technology departments. The word puss came from the Old Norse puus, meaning “pocket pouch.” It has a similar sound to the cat word kitty. Vaginal discharge… Continue reading A Girl’s Puss Is A Girl’s Puss

Cam Porn and the Sex Industry

Cam porn is interactive, and the models depend on viewers to chat and send tips to keep the shows fun. This interaction is what separates cam porn from regular porn. Early internet era cam sites were the Wild West of adult content experimentation and profitability, where performers could make bank off novelty or obscure fetishes.… Continue reading Cam Porn and the Sex Industry